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What would any of us be if it hadn't been for generous, kind-hearted friends? Here are some of the contributors to my music and life.

~ Gretchen

Roger Witt  Boise, ID
An amazing lead guitar player and the back up vocals on some of the original songs (yes, all 3 parts!) Thank you for the time and effort on my vocal recording and mixing! Great job making it all come together and sound awesome! Muah!

John Stefan Meridian, ID

I couldn't be any more lucky than to have met this mega-talent! Ready for this?.... Singer, songwriter, audio engineer, music technology instructor AND plays every instrument! So grateful for all you've taught me, and that we're writing and recording together!

Carl Kimball  Boise, ID
This man could not be any more supportive and generous with his time and talent when he believes in someone... Thanks for believing in me as a friend and artist! A true, kind heart.
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